Industry Standards to Solve Multicore Challenges
The Multicore Association® (MCA) is an industry association that includes leading-edge companies implementing products that embrace multicore technology. Our primary objective is to define and promote open specifications to enable multicore product development.


Implementing MCAPI® in your Embedded Multicore Application

Presented on December 17, 2009

If you are considering or already working with multicore technology, this webinar provides an opportunity for you to learn how to take advantage of the industry-standard Multicore Communications API. We will cover strategies for using MCAPI® and demonstrate a case study of an MCAPI® implementation in a commercially available product.

The Presenter: Sven Brehmer
    •  CEO and founder PolyCore Software, Inc.
    •  MCA Board member
    •  Chairman of MCAPI® working group
    •  Significant contributor on MRAPI® specification