From Markus Levy

April 2015

The Multicore Association®



  • SHIM Specification Available for Download
  • Participate in the MCAPI 3.0 Working Group
  • Welcome Silexica as New Member
  • MCAPI Compliance Test Suite
  • Multicore DevCon 2015 on May 6-7

SHIM Specification Available for Download

The Software/Hardware Interface for Multi- and Manycore (SHIM) specifically is available for download. If you develop software design aid tools, compilers, software performance analysis tools, and other tools where understanding the hardware descriptions are required, you will benefit from this new standard way to exploit multicore hardware properties.

To enable SHIM’s adoption, eSOL and Nagoya University have provided a SHIM Editor and Performance measurement tools, distributing them at Anyone with access to the processor hardware specification and a hardware execution environment (such as an evaluation board), can use these tools to generate SHIM XML. These tools will also serve as a reference SHIM application for anyone wanting to integrate and/or explore the specification. If you’re not using the SHIM API but want to see how SHIM XML files can be created, executable files of these tools are also available from the site

MCAPI 3.0 and IoT Too

The MCAPI working group meetings are on-going and we encourage you to join the consortium and participate. The group is currently discussing MCAPI 3.0 and various subsets, some of which target the Internet of Things. Please contact Markus Levy directly for membership information.

Welcome Silexica as New Member

Silexica Software Solutions GmbH has joined the consortium as a working group member. Silexica, founded in Aachen, Germany, in August 2014, provides a parallel software development tool suite for programming complex embedded multicore applications, perfect for helping the Multicore Association evolve our SHIM and MCAPI standards.

MCAPI Compliance Test Suite

MCAPI is getting traction throughout a broad range of market segments. As the specification matures, the market needs a way to identify the degree for which implementations follow the MCAPI standard. MCAPI is a specification providing source code level compatibility and target specific implementations. PolyCore Software now provides a source-code level test suite to verify that implementations follow the MCAPI specification. The test suite follows the MCAPI v2.015 specification. For more information on the licensing and pricing, please contact PolyCore Software at

Multicore DevCon 2015 on May 6-7

The 10th annual Multicore DevCon takes place on May 6-7, 2015 in Santa Clara, California. The conference is comprised of business related and technical sessions targeting multicore technology. Don’t miss Tobias Schuele’s talk on “The Present and Future of Developing Embedded Multicore Systems” involving Siemens’ work on implementing our MTAPI specification. Conference passes are only $95 until April 5th.

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