From Markus Levy

October 2012

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  • On-Demand Webinar: Multicore Programming Practices
  • MCA @ Linley Tech Processor Conference
  • Multicore Association New Member
  • Multicore Task Management API (MTAPI) Update
  • Virtualization Specification Feedback
  • Upcoming Events: Multicore DevCon 2013
  • In the News

On-Demand Webinar: Multicore Programming Practices

Last week, Rob Oshana (Freescale), David Stewart (CriticalBlue), and I presented “Understanding Concurrency, Performance Optimizations, and Debugging for Multicore Platforms”. If you missed it, or liked it so much that you want to watch it again, the slides and video are available.

The Multicore Programming Practices (MPP) book is still in production. All people who registered for the webinar last week will be the first to be notified when it becomes available.

MCA @ Linley Tech Processor Conference

Twenty suppliers in the processor ecosystem will present their newest technologies at the 2012 Linley Tech Processor Conference. Attendees can also network with presenters during breaks, luncheons, and an evening reception on Wednesday, October 10. The Multicore Association will be exhibiting with a live demonstration of an MCAPI implementation running over RapidIO (SRIO). Admission is free to pre-qualified attendees who register by October 4.

October 10, 2012 (Sessions 9-5; Sponsor Exhibits and Reception: 5:00-6:30 pm)
October 11, 2012 (Sessions: 9-4:30)

Multicore Association Welcomes Advanced Cluster Systems

Advanced Cluster Systems has recently joined the MCA as a working group member. Advanced Cluster Systems builds parallelization tools for high performance computing applications.

Multicore Task Management API (MTAPI) Update

The MTAPI specification draft is complete and we had a tremendous response from external reviewers who have been providing great feedback. The specification is now going into final review phase. No firm date yet on its public release, but expect to see it in Q4 2012.

Virtualization Specification Feedback

The working group has completed the draft of the Multicore Virtualization Profile specification. We are looking for reviewers and feedback from the system community. Contact me if you’re involved in system and/or software design/development utilizing virtualization features, and would like to review this specification.

Upcoming Events: Multicore DevCon 2013

Although it’s still in early stages, start planning now for the Multicore DevCon 2013. It will take place on May 21-22, 2013 in Santa Clara.

In the News

What the new OpenMP standard brings to embedded multicore software design,” by Sunita Chandrasekaran and Barbara Chapman, University of Houston, Texas. In this article, the authors describe how the OpenMP shared memory multicore programming model is being adapted to the needs of embedded systems designs, which includes the need for MCAPI.

Entwicklungen in der Embedded-Multicore-Virtualisierung meistern,” by Markus Levy (MCA), Surender Kumar (Nokia Siemens Networks), and Rajan Goyal (Cavium Networks). In this article, we describe the situation with the growing complexity and diversity of embedded systems requiring virtualization technology.

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