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July 2012

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  • REVIEWERS WANTED! Multicore Task Management API
  • MCAPI® Webinar Availability
  • Upcoming Event: Tracing Summit

Multicore Task Management API MTAPI®

The MTAPI® specification draft is completed. We now need your help in our final review process. Please send me an email if you are interested in becoming an MTAPI reviewer.

MTAPI® is an industry-standard specification for an application program interface (API) that supports the coordination of tasks on embedded parallel systems. Core features of MTAPI are runtime scheduling and mapping of tasks to processor cores. MTAPI® allows implementations for resource-constrained embedded systems. MTAPI® will support different processor architectures and can be implemented on top of different operating systems or as a bare-metal solution. In short, MTAPI® supports asymmetric multiprocessing at the hardware and software levels.

Webinar: Optimizing the performance and portability of multicore DSP platforms with a scalable programming model supporting the Multicore Association’s MCAPI®

The demand for increased performance and evolving multicore DSP capabilities poses challenges to developers’ realizing the potential of multicore platforms while maintaining portability and scalability. This webinar presents a solution for achieving multicore entitlement. The presenters demonstrate how to ‘instantly’ apply MCAPI® to a flexible system design, utilizing a graphical user interface to simplify and visualize the topology and inter-process communication strategy.

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Upcoming Event

At the Tracing Summit 2012, Aug. 30th, San Diego (, Mathieu Desnoyers will present "Interoperability Between Tracing Tools with the Common Trace Format (CTF)". This presentation introduces new technologies and a common format allowing tracing of Linux systems at the software (hypervisor, kernel, user-space), and hardware levels. One major building block of CTF is the Trace Stream Description Language (TSDL) which flexibility enables description of various binary trace stream layouts. It enables tracing of Linux deployed on multi-core CPUs, interacting with DSPs, where each of these components exports its own trace streams. This presentation covers work on the the Common Trace Format (CTF) specification and its reference implementations: the Babeltrace trace converter, the LTTng 2.0 kernel tracer, and the LTTng-UST 2.0 (user-space tracer). This work has been realized in collaboration with Ericsson, the Multicore Association Tool Infrastructure Workgroup and the Linux Foundation Consumer Electronics Linux Forum (CELF) Workgroup.

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