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February 2011


  • MCAPI over RapidIO
  • New MCAPI Training Course
  • MCA Events

MCAPI over RapidIO

A group of companies (members and non-members) are working on guidelines for how to implement MCAPI over sRIO. The objective is to provide a standard communications API for systems using sRIO for chip-to-chip and board-to-board interconnection. In the process, this group is discussing interoperability issues and solutions to take back to the MCAPI and sRIO standards organizations for consideration. The working group is open for any interested party and is independent of the Multicore Association and the RapidIO Trade Association. In order to accelerate these efforts, we are looking for additional working group members. Please contact Markus Levy if you are interested in participating.

New MCAPI Training Course

nCore Design is now offering a two-day, intensive training, Multicore Communications API Programming Intensive Training Course (NCT-450). The course utilizes the Multicore Communications API (MCAPI) from the Multicore Association and PolyCore Software’s Poly-Platform. This hands-on course will guide engineers in developing simplified, standardized and optimized multicore applications in a customized and targeted learning environment. For course and registration information for NCT-450, visit www.ncoredesign.com/training/multicore/nct450.

MCA Events

HPCA-17 (San Antonio, Texas, USA; Feb 12th 2011): In the 2nd Workshop on SoC Architecture, Accelerators and Workloads, Jim Holt will present “Runtime Support For Heterogeneity in Multicore Systems-on-Chip.”

Embedded World (Nuremberg, Germany; March 2): MCA president, Markus Levy, will present "Automatically Scaling Applications from 1 to 8 Cores and Beyond."

LCTES 2011 (Chicago, Illinois; April 12-14, 2011): Ian Gray and Neil Audsley will present “Targeting complex embedded architectures by combining the Multicore Communications API (MCAPI) with Compile-Time Virtualisation.”

Multicore Expo 2011 The agenda and conference program for Multicore Expo (San Jose, CA; May 3-5, 2011) is coming out soon and will feature sessions that dig into how to use the Multicore Communications API (MCAPI). Early bird registration is open now and runs through February 24.

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