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September 2010

Upcoming Webinar: A Standards-based Approach to Managing Multicore (and Maintaining Portability)

Date: September 29, 2010
Time: 9:00 AM. Pacific

How do you manage the increasing (or changing) number of cores in your design? What is needed for the application to seamlessly and effectively communicate between the cores whether they are on the same or different chips?

In this webinar, Markus Levy (Multicore Association president) and Sven Brehmer (chair of the Multicore Communications API working group and president of PolyCore Software) will discuss and demonstrate:

1. The MCAPI® industry standard and overview of the Multicore Association

2. Approaches to using MCAPI®

3. Enabling an application for MCAPI®

The MCAPI® enabled application will have the capability to operate in an SMP or AMP environment, where AMP includes homogeneous and heterogeneous cores and operating systems. The Multicore Association, together with PolyCore Software, will demonstrate how tools simplify and expedite the process of using MCAPI® to manage multicore.

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