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The Multicore Association

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January 2010

Upcoming Events and Archived Webinars

Did you miss our December 17 entitled “Implementing MCAPI® in your Embedded Multicore Application?” It’s now available for viewing and downloading from our home page.

Members of the Multicore Association will deliver multiple presentations at the upcoming Multicore Expo, now scheduled for April 26-29, 2010. Here are brief descriptions; for more details check them out online.

1. Methodology and Application Migration Flow for Multicore
We discuss a methodology and flow for migrating applications from single processor to multicore, covering the application analysis, strategy for distributing the application across multiple cores, and how to take advantage of MCAPI®.

2. Prototyping and Architecture Exploration for Multicore Platforms
This presentation shows how virtual platforms combined with MCAPI® and a toolset can be used to quickly determine the optimal number of system cores and high level design.

3. Applying Industry Standard Multicore Programming Practices to Migrate C/C++ Code
This talk shares a real case study that used the Multicore Programming Practices (MPP) output during the engineering of a facial recognition system.

4. Managing Shared Resources in Multicore Systems
This session describes the resource management API (MRAPI®) that provides features such as synchronization primitives, memory allocation and management, and access to metadata about the multicore chip, to promote application portability.

5. Why and How to Run Linux and an RTOS Side by Side on a Multicore Architecture
This session covers the benefits of using Linux and an RTOS simultaneously in a multicore/multiprocessor architecture. You will see how MCAPI® can help make your solutions portable to a variety of topologies with minimal reprogramming.

6. How to Select a Multicore Programming API
One of the critical steps in multicore application development is the selection of a multicore programming API. This talk details a process for understanding the characteristics and potential parallelism in your application and mapping these to programming APIs, such as MCAPI®.

7. Implementing a Standards-Based Communications API in Multicore Applications
This talk covers strategies for using MCAPI® and the new MCAPI® 1.1 features. We discuss why MCAPI® is important for whether you are using 2, 32 or even just a single core, homogeneous or heterogeneous cores, one or multiple operating systems, and one or multiple physical transports. We will also touch on how you can benefit from using MCAPI® together with MRAPI® and the upcoming MTAPI (task management API).

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