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The Multicore Association

The Multicore Association®


November 2009

Upcoming Event and Webinar

On December 17 at 10:00am PST, Sven Brehmer will present “Implementing MCAPI® in your Embedded Multicore Application” in this live webinar. Sign up now.

The Multicore Association is an industry sponsor of the Multicore Expo, now scheduled for April 26-29, 2010. Join us there for several presentations and our exhibit.

Join the MCA Discussion Group

This discussion group will focus on questions, issues, and resolutions related to the Multicore Association and multicore technology in general.

New Multicore Association Members

LG Electronics, nCore Design, and Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) have joined the working groups of the Multicore Association. We also welcome Delft University of Technology as a member of our University program.

Multicore Association RSS Feeds

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Progress at the Multicore Association

The Multicore Programming Practices (MPP) working group is focused on defining industry-wide, best practices to leverage existing code in multicore environments. The working group is currently writing the final two chapters and plans to consolidate all chapters into one document in January 2010. We plan to have a final internal review during the first half of 2010, going out for external review after that. However, don’t assume that the work is nearing completion – we could still use your input on the entire project. In other words, you should join this working group now and get involved. For additional details, check out the webinar.

The Multicore Resource Management API (MRAPI®) working group has defined an API for cooperative application-level resource sharing. This API is targeted to support both homogeneous and heterogeneous multicore systems in the embedded domain, where existing standards do not scale well or do not encompass all of the requirements of the domain. It is envisioned that higher levels of Resource Management could be built using a combination of features from the Multicore Association roadmap. MRAPI® is now going out for external review. Anyone interested in participating in this review, please contact Markus Levy. Check out the webinar for additional details.

The Multicore Virtualization Work Group is focused on standardizing on device para-virtualization using virtIO available in Linux as a starting point reference. The working group is exploring both type 1 and type 2 hypervisors, with deliverables including command definition, communication model between components, address mapping definition, etc. The working group is targeting the second half of 2010 for delivering draft specifications.

The Multicore Communication API (MCAPI®) working group, which released its first specification in early 2008, is preparing to put out an upgraded release (MCAPI® 1.1). The new release will support features such as enhanced initialization (including limited topology discovery), domains (to facilitate routing), and buffer release check (to facilitate 0-copy). The release is targeted for January 2010.

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