The Open Asymmetric Multi Processing Framework (OpenAMP) working group is standardizing the specification and will have an open source release by October/November. The OpenAMP framework manages systems comprised of multiple operating systems and compute elements. The OpenAMP Framework allows application developers to leverage the parallelism offered by both homogeneous and heterogeneous multicore systems. Learn more about OpenAMP»

The Multicore Communications API (MCAPI®) working group is finalizing MCAPI Version 3.0, which also includes official subsets. New features include 'zero copy' functionality, bidirectional interaction between 'application and application' using shared memory and bidirectional interaction between 'application and driver'. Learn more about MCAPI»

The Multicore Programming Practices (MPP™) is a multicore software programming guide for the industry that aids in improving consistency and understanding of multicore programming issues. Interested in contributing to the next version of this document? Learn more about MPP»

The SHIM™ Working Group. SHIM is the Software-Hardware Interface for Multi-Many Core. It provides a common interface to abstract the hardware properties that matter to multicore tools. Interested in contributing to the next version of this specification? Learn more about SHIM»


Heterogeneous Technologies Power Next Generation Embedded Systems

Discussion topics:

  • Benefits of heterogeneous architectures
  • New standards and approaches for heterogeneous systems development
  • Security and safety considerations

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The MCA Foundation

The Multicore Association's foundations consist of an extensive set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that support inter-process communications, resource management, and task management. These APIs enable services and functions such as load balancing, power management, and support for the Internet of Things (IoT). The MCA also produces a specification for a common interface to between multicore/manycore hardware and software tools. In addition, the consortium provides a collaboratively-developed multicore software programming guide that aids in improving consistency and understanding of multicore programming issues.